Barbabuc is the possibility of realizing a dream. For us is the opportunity to promote and experiment those values and interests that drove us to recognize ourselves in Barbabuc.

Since the development of a balanced lifestyle to a physical, emotional and mental, to the need for inter-personal and collective growth.

Thus was born the idea of an association, which aims to be a community, which aims to promote a healthy and correct diet following the principles of energy cuisine, yoga, traditional Chinese medicine and emotional education. Just as artistic and cultural activities, handicrafts and agricultural techniques, promoting the exchange of ideas, cooperation and experimentation.

We think that collaboration extends the personal and professional growth for many of us as “welfare therapists”.

With enthusiasm we strive to be affectionate, cooperative, creative, both to ourselves and to others, establishing a “working space” ideal for personal growth.

We firmly believe that everyone is born with the ability to choose between love and fear, in Barbabuc choose the path of love.


“One thing made with love, is a thing well done”

“A life lived in love, it’s a beautiful life”


It is this illusion that motivates us and pushes us to experience our lives here:

  • We promote meetings and workshops to learn the issues that unite us as a cultural association.
  • We give space to local realities dealing with theater, music and that keep alive the culture of this unique mountain valley.
  • We are interested topics as:
    · Agriculture (we are creating a orchard)
    · The bio-architecture,
    · The sustainable use of renewable energy
    · Health,
    · Good food,
    · The laughter and emotions that lead us to higher vibrations.